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Based in Bourne, Lincolnshire - The Home of British Racing Motors

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Previous Speakers

Over the years, Bourne Motor Racing Club has welcomed more than 150 guest speakers to address members at our monthly club nights. A full list of our speakers can be found below.

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Steve Markham

Alex Dew

George Haynes

Mike Brown

Chris Norton

Chris Barrie

Geoff Turral

Neil Tuxworth

Ian Ashley

Rob Gammage

Ian Flux


Guy Martin

Jeremy Rivers-Fletcher

Tony Southgate

Marcus Pye

John Cleland

Stewart Waring

Richard Noble

Ian Titchmarsh

Mark Walker

Penny Mallory


Pat Carvath

Dick Salmon

Gary Horspole

Richard Egger

Graham Robson

Steve Plater

Alastair Goodrum

Jon Sandalls

Gabriel Uttley

Warwick Banks


Simon Hope

Ed McDonough

Pat Thomas

Roger Fountain

Simon Hadfield

Philip Glew

Dennis Winsor

Stuart Turner


Mark Garton

Ian Richardson

Pat Thomas

G Richardson

R Hall

James Beckett

Andy Rogers

David Render


Fiona Leggate

Simon Pullan

Steve Parrish

Steve Hall

Sywell Visit

Pat Thomas


Willem Toet

Shaun Balfe

John Lyon

Jon Dooley

Ron Champion

David Thomas

Mike Wilds


Mike Hodgson

Andy Green

Arthur Wolstonhulme

Stuart Machin

Steve Plater

Toby Moody


Tim Harvey

Barry Brummitt

Tony Jacobs

Kate Heath

Carol Corliss

Martin Hadwen


John Bladon

Tim Sugden

Chris Bullimore

Martin Moore

Tony Stubbs

Victor Harding


Dr. Michael McGregor

Barrie ‘Whizzo’ Williams

Colin Ingram

Mike Broad

Jim Shortland

Mike Fairholme

Graham Presley


John Kirkpatrick

Martin Donnelly

Mark Hood

Tim Parrott

K Kimber

T Brown

Neal Davis

Sqd Ldr Paul Day

Penny Mallory


John Corfield

Malcolm Nicholls

Peterborough Panthers

Derek Murphy

Dave Brodie


Neil Tuxworth

Lincolnshire Police

David Owen

Pat Thomas

Warwick Banks

Riot Racing

Rick Wilson


John Pateman

Steve Etherington

Dr Michael McGregor

Ted Welch

Tony Mason

Steve Markham

Peter Coombs


Frank Richardson

Peter Dumbreck

Phil Manser

Graham Wilson

Suzi Hart-Banks

John Franks

John Watson

Tim Parnell


Alec Stokes

Vaughan Edwards

Rick Hall

Rob Hall


Colin Crabbe

Ron Lea

Peter Baldwin

Chris Alford

Tim Parnell

Bob Dance

Jim Shortland

Alex Evans

Bill Davies


Alastair Caldwell

Barry Lee

Angus Forsyth

Marcus Atkinson

Robin Jackson

Vic Lee

Colin Young

Adrian Childs

Mike Swift

Anthony Reid


Tiff Needell

Steve Perez

Mark Steels

Matt Neal

Nigel Thorley

Stuart Turner

Mike Leckey

Bryan Apps

Richard Pullen


Mike Reynolds

Bob Close

Mark Werrell

Gail Hill

Arthur Stacey

Keith Adams

Norman Dewis

Lisa Nichols

John Grant

Martin Brundle