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Welcome to Bourne Motor Racing Club

Bourne Motor Racing Club is run by motorsport enthusiasts for motorsport enthusiasts.

Since 1920 Bourne has been very much on the motor racing map with firstly, Raymond Mays and his Bugattis, Villiers Special, White Riley, ERAs and then later, post war, more extensively with BRMs.  

These activities brought many famous names to Bourne both as sponsors, drivers, engineers, designers and mechanics, many of whom still visit and hold the town in great esteem and affection.

Bourne Motor Racing Club is doing its best to see that Bourne’s racing heritage is not forgotten and their efforts show that this tradition is very much alive and well.

The Club holds either a talk by a well-known personality or a film show regularly throughout the year with perhaps an interesting visit as well.

In addition, from 2006-2015 the Club hosted the very popular Classic Car Show on Bourne’s Wellhead site and in 2012 provided much help and impetus to the amazing BRM Day when an estimated 28,000 people attended.

Membership remains available at very modest cost and all are welcome at these events and to help with the annual show.

As Honorary President I feel very honoured to be “part of the action” and hope that you will feel the same way!


Warwick Banks

Honorary President

& BRDC Member